Keanu Reeves Auctions Off 15-Minute Zoom Chat for Charity

October 21, 2021

Hollywood star, Keanu Reeves, auctions off a 15-minute one-to-one Zoom convo for charity.


The auction started at $10,000 but now stands at $16,600. The bidding ends on Monday, June 22, and the scheduled video chat with Keanu Reeves will take place on July 6.​


All proceeds from the "15 minutes of fame with Keanu Reeves" will go directly to Camp Rainbow Gold, a children's oncological organization. They provide empowering experiences to children diagnosed with cancer and their families.


The actor, director, producer, and philanthropist Reeves also has a reputation as a kind-hearted person.


Reeves, together with actress Carrie-Ann Moss, is filming the fourth installment of The Matrix.